closing the gender and pay gap in leadership


Requality (where recruitment finds equality) is developing an Artificial Intelligence Platform, which is human-curated to help close the gender and pay gap in leadership. We do this by offering Approved Employers access to engage our Exclusive Membership of top-talent female leaders and fast-track to the interview stage of the recruitment process.

$25,717 Pay Gap

In Australia, men still take home $25K+ a year more than women.

94.8% No Goals

Almost all employers have no target or goal to close the gap.

105 ASX Boards

Over 100 Boards in the All Ordinaries still have no female members.

3 out of 4

Key management teams across Australia remain male only.

what's in a membership?

Zero bias, no patronising

Considering a job change can be daunting.  Even more so when you consider the intrinsic bias and obvious gender and pay gap in leadership roles today.

At Requality, we enable our members to compete fairly, be recognised for their talents and be compensated equally.

not a recruitment agency

Don’t worry about jobs ads, recruiters or applications, forget corporate portals, selection criteria, multiple resume versions and cover letters .

We have a long list of approved employers actively seeking top talent female leaders wanting to interview you today!

interview coaching & advice

Members receive background information on the potential employer, advice on resume preparation, personal PR skills, interview techniques, remuneration and more.

You’ll never second guess where you stand with Requality!

approved employers only

Employers on our platform have passed the test. You have access to their policies regarding gender diversity, flexibity working conditions, pay equity and leadership goals.

These are the best in their fields and have recognised the performance gains from a diverse leadership team.

probation mentoring & assisatnce

Recieve mentoring when taking on a new role, inclusive of; “first 100-day” plans, personality considerations, feedback analysis and your very own personal sounding board.

You’ll be matched with a like-minded leader who’s been there before and will be there for you during your initial onboarding period.

membership is free, with a catch

Requality is free for members, forever.  Sure in the future we might invent optional “premium services” like done-for-you LinkedIn profiles etc, but no service or access is off-limits.

The ask? Join in, help one another, be a mentor to others and contribute to the community.

Are you ready to join the list of top talent female leaders and get early access?

“Companies with more gender diversity on their executive teams were 21 percent more likely to outperform less diverse teams in terms of profitability.”
McKinsey & Company
"Greater diversity in leadership roles is shown to have a positive impact on organisations, leading to better decision-making and business outcomes."
Workplace Gender Equality Agency
“We know inclusive and diverse teams are good for our business and our numbers prove it – these teams are safer, more productive and have a better culture.”
“The number of women holding executive positions in corporate management correlates with increased profitability.”
Peterson Institute for International Economics

benefits for employers

With increasing pressure from employees, external stakeholders, boards and shareholders, organisations turn to Requality to remove bias from their processes.

Traditional (and costly) recruitment methods do not remove intrinsic bias from job description language, shortlisting from resumes and women simply don’t apply to ads.

We enable employers to attract and retain top talent, female leaders and therefore improve organisational performance/profit, save time and reduce costs.

"If There’s Only One Woman in Your Candidate Pool, There’s Statistically No Chance She’ll Be Hired."​

Access Top Talent

Our membership is exclusively made up of top talent, female leaders pre-qualified, interview-ready and available to hear about your fantastic opportunity.

Reduce Costs

Don't pay a percentage of salary (Incl. or Excl. Super) or get caught up in crazy terms & conditions. We offer a low-cost subscription with an unlimited guarantee!

Increase Profit

The stats are in. McKinsey, KPMG, MIT, Harvard Business Review, the WGEA and various experts confirm diverse management teams imporve performance and profit.

Save time

Don't wait for recruiters, don’t write ads and search yourself only to find no female applicants. We deliver interview-ready members direct to you and we're available 24/7.

Are you ready to remove bias, reduce pressure, save money and increase performance?

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